Hello world!

Hi Everyone,

Scary though it is, I’ve decided it’s time for me to get a presence online.  I guess the best thing to do is introduce myself.

I’ve been writing stories since I was a young lass.  My school reports always had a comment along the lines of ‘Catharina has a vivid imagination’.  Normally that didn’t mean anything good from the teacher’s point of view but I always loved it.  Those were the reports I kept – and there are a few *chuckle*.

Four years ago I decided that all these stories and the manuscript for a novel were an indication that maybe I should do something a bid drastic – like actually learn about how to write properly, how to get things critiqued and maybe, just maybe, get published.  So I made the wise decision to join the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (CSFG).  You can find them at http://csfg.wordpress.com.  Not only did I meet wonderful like-minded people but I found they were also supportive, friendly and knowledgeable about the things I needed to know – or had a way for me to find out.

I got involved and spent two wonderful years on the Committee and had the privilege to be the PR officer for one of their publications ‘Masques’.  And as a bit of self interest, I had a my first published story in that – Hobnails in Heaven.  I was lucky enough to be able to work closely with Gillian Polack, one of the editors of that anthology and I learned a great deal about writing during that time.  Gillian can be found at www.trivium.net/gillianpolack/.  Not only has she become a wonderful friend but is a gifted writer and teacher.

Since that time I’ve had a short story published in the Journal of the Fellowship of Australian writers called ‘Growing Old’, and next month another in the CSFG anthology ‘Winds of Change’ called ‘Dragonfly’.

So why am I here?  Well it’s general wisdom one has to have a presence online if one is going to try to become a recognised writer.  Also it seems to me that writing an interesting blog is good writing practice.

I look forward to keeping this interesting, talking about books I have read, general topics I’m reading about and comments from you about any of it.