Errors in Print

I am currently reading the Raymond E Feist ‘Wrath of a Mad God’ – the third in the latest series.  I love all the Midkemia books and follow them with great pleasure.

Normally in any printed book of any size you can find one or two typo’s.  The larger the book the more likely.  However, in these last three Feist books I am surprised at the amount of errors – typos, wrong or repeated words etc.  I’m not sure what’s causing this but suspect it has to do with manuscripts going to the printers electronically after having been edited electronically.  I think writers themselves should take some responsibility for this – certainly that’s what’s expected when you are a lowly apprentice-writer like myself.  Even in the last two Steven King books I found myself stopped by just such errors.  These are world-renowned authors with worldwide sales and I would have thought such things would be addressed before going to print.

So the question is, am I becoming more sensitive to these things (likely) or are there more than usual in recent publications?  And who really is the one responsible for the accuracy of the manuscript?

What do you think?