The Writing Process

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to be involved with several writers groups.  As a result I have been exposed to much of interest on the writing process.  My first taste some years back was Stephen King‘s ‘On Writing’, part autobiography and part a treatise on how he writes.  His idea is interesting in that he suggests you just go with it and it will come.  True in many ways but first you need a sound knowledge of the language you are writing in and the grammar it employs.  Without that writing becomes difficult to read for others. It is certainly useful if you want to feel that just starting is a good thing and give yourself a bit of confidence.

That said, more recently I have been exposed to articles by several popular authors on pace and beginnings.  Elizabeth Naughton’s (author of the popular Eternal Guardian Series) thoughts on pace can be found at  It’s informative and I thought useful.  Also Kate Elliott, author of the best seller ‘Spirit Gate’ provides thoughts on beginnings at

Combined with writing 1000 word stories each fortnight and reading them aloud for critiquing, it’s quite an interesting learning curve.

I’ve also found that as a slush reader for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM) I’m being exposed to all types of writing, often good and sometimes not so great.  I really clarifies what I look for in good writing and helps me write better.

Now the thing is to get creative, decisive and get to submitting things for publication with fingers crossed.