Think about it.  How many secrets do you carry around with you?  Those tiny things that were said and done that you don’t want anyone to know about.  Those things about yourself that, if revealed, would make everyone revile you.

We all have secrets and it is likely that some should be kept well hidden away to ensure that our lives progress in a positive manner.  So ask yourself, why do you read the books you read?  Is it because you want to find the secrets in other’s lives, whether real of fictional?  I suspect the answer is a resounding YES!

The internal dialogue of a character in a book (or a real person for that matter) is of the utmost interest to the reader.  It is the motivation that makes the story interesting or not.  If it wasn’t for secrets, deep hidden things, there would be no stories, nothing for hereo’s or heroines to do, nothing to overcome.

I find that I love characters who, because of an action, whether or not they realise it, are sent on a journey to the world they live in or just a journey of self-discovery.  Some of the fantasy stories that I, and millions of others, love are those where the protagonist has as secret.  And sometimes they don’t even know they have it.

Now the hard part for me is going to be to write a character like that!