Winds of Change Launch

The launch of the CSFG anthology Winds of Change went off beautifully last Friday at Conflux, Canberra’s speculative fiction convention.  Cat Sparks was a great MC and the presentations by the CSIRO scientists was informative and fun.  We all got a quick lesson on how solar radiation affected the movement of wind and weather which was fun.  We also got a great presentation on genetic modification and why we don’t modify humans.

Alan Baxter read the introduction of his story ‘Dream Shadow’ and I read the first page of my story ‘Dragonfly’.  Now I’m reading all the stories which are terrific.

Congratulations to first-time editor Elizabeth Fitzgerald.  She did a wonderful job.

All the attending authors got the opportunity to sign books for those who bought books and sales were terrific.  Here am I (in black jacket) signing and beside me is Zena Shapter with Alan Baxter on her left and, on my right, Valerie Toh.  It was great fun.

Val, Cat, Zena and Alan signing WoC

Winds of Change Book Signing

As always, Conflux was a great success.  Especially the banquet on Saturday night.  The theme this year was a flight in a zeppelin from Hamburg in the 1920’s.  Lots of people dressed up and the food was spectacular.  Gillian Polack, the erstwhile food historian, outdid herself on the menu and the chef at the Hellenic Club deserved his standing ovation.

Copies of the book are available from the CSFG website at