NaNoWriMo – Here I Go

I have done it!  I’ve signed up for the national November writers month and have to produce 50,000 words by 30 November.  I had to do something to stop getting side-tracked (whether willingly or due to procrastination).

It seems to me it is awfully easy to procrastinate.  Casual games, sudoku (I’ve just learned how to do those dratted things), golf (and that’s a good one), choir practice and soon the Moruya Jazz Festival.  They all take up a lot of time and then I’ve been given Season 3 of Fringe and I just have to watch that.  So you can see I’m really good at this putting stuff off business.

I keep missing deadlines for short story submissions and have a lot of half done things on my computer.  I kick myself every time it happens but….. obviously not hard enough because it keeps happening.  I don’t even have the excuse that I have to work!

So here it is, my novel in the making.  Wish me luck please 🙂