A few weeks ago I attended a workshop about sonnets; their history, how they are written, the various forms of sonnets and the current take on sonnets.  From Shakespeare to Byron and TS Elliott to name but a few.  There are websites dedicated to sonnets and their writing.

Margaret Barlow, the workshop presenter, had us all read different sonnets showing the various forms and subject matter.  At the end she challenged us to write one.  She also provided her wonderful knowledge to help us with out attempts.  So here is my first ever sonnet with assistance from Margaret.  Any errors in style are purely mine.

What does the Void care looking down at we,
tiny, soft-shelled, warlike creatures, far
too thick athwart Earths blue-green mottled sphere.
And we, whose eyes ascend unto the Void,
agog at speckled sources of far light,
eons old;  whose cold evolutionary,
careless spawning of a narcissistic race
that questions, selfishly – Who am I?

It behoves our billion egotistical brains
to redirect our thoughts unto the whole.
Allow this small and ever graceful world
to persevere; complex, unique amongst
an infinite, encircling, empty Void.

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