Moruya Jazz Festival

One of the fun things since moving down the coast has been singing with the Bateman’s Bay Sing Australia choir.  This weekend we will be performing at several venues during the Moruya Jazz Festival.  I’ve never been involved with this type of festival and it will be a wonderful adventure.

Of course, I have volunteered to help.  I have one of those signs on my forehead that is invisible in my own mirror but which others can read easily that says ‘ask me to volunteer’.  I have friends who also have this particular affliction but, although we all complain about it at times, most of us, including me, find we have the best adventures and experiences when our hands involuntarily volunteer us.

This weekend begins with the parade down Vulcan (main) Street around 10.30am to the concert in Riverside Park where we (Sing Australia) will be one of many acts singing. Then on to the Festival of Voice at the RSL Hall which starts at midday and we go on at 1.20ish.  And the Gospel Service on Sunday morning should be stirring singing at 10am in the RSL Hall (I know we do some great numbers and there will be two Gospel Choirs as well).

Hubby on the other hand is working as a volunteer setting up, moving things and so on. The nice part is that in between gigs and other work we get to see many of the performances in the Pubs, CWA hall and parks throughout the weekend.  I will send plenty of wishes for good weather to the universe.  Although it rained last year it was still a huge success and everyone had fun but it will be enhanced by good weather so my fingers are crossed.

If you read this before the Festival, consider coming down to enjoy it.