Oh dear, back at work

It’s been quite a few days since I posted and I’m feeling guilty.  I have an excuse of sorts.  I have gone back to full time work for the next few months.  Several reasons for this but suffice it to say, after a year and a half doing other things, it’s a bit of a shock.

Not that the workplace is awful.  As such things go they are really nice, a small agency with lovely people and a good project to work on.  It’s just that getting the brain back into public service speak and thinking strategically about ICT is something I thought I had put behind me.  The scary thing is how quickly it all came back *sigh*.

All that apart, it’s been a lovely weekend with a much respected friend coming to visit.  We’ve had wonderful conversations ranging from comparative religion to health to the benefits of swimming.  The latter has been great as the weather has been terrific.

I will try to keep posting but it might be more than two days between posts.