The Rush Up the Hill

Early morning sun is just up over the horizon.  The day signals warmth even under, and more likely because of, the intermittent cloud cover.  The two women, having packed the previous night, get dressed, make tea and coffee in thermos mugs and one cuts up the pretzel for breakfast.  Then a quick goodbye to the resident husband and two cute little dogs and the car backs out of the driveway.  The weekend has been brilliant but it’s time to go back to the world.

The initial twenty kilometres are smooth and traffic is light.  Then there is the turn onto the Kings Highway and, within 200 metres, “Gentlemen, rev your engines”.

The first it is a new model blue Commadore followed quickly by a large SUV that MUST pass the little Toyota Camry Tourer.  Oh, and they MUST at what appears to be almost double the speed limit which, on the belief that it’s the right thing to do, the little Camry is actually adhering to.

As the cars slow (ever so slightly) for the road works which have as yet to fire up, or the workers need to complete their breakfast prior to starting hard work, the Camry catches up.  But not for long.  The leading car zips away as soon as the speed signs allow.  Still the little Camry drives quietly and, hopefully safely, along the twisty, winding road, it’s passengers enjoying the morning drive.

There is nearly tragedy when a very beautiful, if large, Eastern Grey kangaroo decides to cross the road without using any zebra crossing and totally unannounced.  The little Camry is slowed, not too suddenly, to allow the roo to cross and ensure it has no other friends who wish to do the same as is usual.  However, there is a moment of tribulation as a glance in the rear view mirror reflects the startled eyes of the driver of a plumber’s truck behind coming up way too fast. A rear end collision is barely avoided.  Hmmm, I thought anticipation was part of driving.  Camry driver avoids worrying her passenger with this particular titbit.

There is a passing lane quickly and plumber plus a few other cars pass the little Camry still pottering along at the speed limit.

All is good until the next lot of speedsters come up behind.  Really, really closely.  Oh dear but the little Camry is only doing the speed limit still: and it has NSW plates.  It’s not a Canberra car and it’s certainly not in the race.  It is passed again and again by blue plated cars going much, much faster.

My big question is, What the Hell is the hurry?  You are going to work.  I would have thought a nice drive in the country early in the Monday morning should be a great way to start the week.  Not the panicked, frantic hurl up the hill to beat everyone else.

But I forgot.  Canberra.  Say no more.

I’m back for a few months to a place I love and have lived for over 37 years.  My children were born and grew up here and one still lives here.  But…

For goodness sake drivers…. try to enjoy life before you end it too soon!



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  1. Gillian · November 7, 2011

    I was there!

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