The Big 60 – a life of blessings thus far

Today I actually turn 60.  I’ve been trying to reflect on what that means.  After all, it’s just a day in the year, I’m working and there is nothing at all different about it.  I’m no different really.  At least until I manage to look in the mirror and wonder about the slight droop of the cheeks and the lines around the eyes and the nice grey stripe in my fringe.  Oh yes, and the glasses, and the pills each morning, the larger size in clothes, slower reaction times, the wish that things wouldn’t change quite so quickly and, must not forget, the aches and pains first thing in the morning.  So beside all that, I’m still the same girl I was at 20, aren’t I?

Of course the answer is clear, I’m not that 20 year old, nor would I want to be.  The past 40 years have added such richness to my life.  I was lucky enough to carry into my 20’s friends I made at school and in my teens.  They are like family now.  But then I married and for a migrant only child, I suddenly had an extended family.  At the time three sisters-in-law (sil) whose birthdays are just before or after mine.  And one sil who I am lucky to be very close to.  Then there were the new friends I made when I moved to Canberra as a new wife.  Two are like sisters to me.  And now that we have moved down to the coast I have two wonderful new friends.  Pretty special really.

And over all that time my darling husband and I have managed to grow together, raise two beautiful and successful children (although they don’t quite see themselves as successful it is none-the-less true).  And we are still together.

I’ve had, and am still having, a great career and working life, and along with hubby’s equal input, it has allowed us to travel, own our own house, live comfortably.

So yes, I have aches and pains.  But they were honestly earned.  I have a wonderful life companion whom I love with all my heart and is still beside me despite my quirky nature.  My hair is turning grey but I think it looks good.  I need glasses but they also look nice (thank goodness). And I still play golf when I can, can swim in my own pool (a dream come true), have a cute dogs that I love to pieces and, second best to my husband, a group of wonderful friends.

Who wouldn’t want to be 60 with all that!