Anti-Bah Humbug

So it is that time of the year again when the scurry and rush of the Festive Season is upon us.  I suspect I dread it.  I love catching up with family and friends and I certainly love all the celebration that goes on at this time of year.  On the other hand I absolutely cannot think what to buy for people anymore.  After 60 years above ground most of my close friends are all in the same age bracket – although luckily not all.  They have family and friends who buy for them and finding something different, useful, interesting and affordable becomes harder each year.

The party side of Christmas is great.  You get to know work colleagues a little better and you catch up with neighbours if you are lucky.  This is often over a nice meal with a tipple or two.  Mind you, by New Year the waistline has expanded but that is what New Year Resolutions are for, right!

At this time of year distant friends contact you with a newsy letter in a card, long time acquaintances do the same and family work hard to find a place to meet.  You get to give them presents and maybe get some in return.  And if you are like me and hard to buy for, it is always a surprise what people come up with.  I love it.

This year I participated in the work Secret Santa.  It’s a bit hard when you’ve only been here seven weeks but I remained lucky as the team I work with are wonderful, as is the section around us.  I have felt included and my gift was thoughtful.  The gift I bought for my ‘person’ was well received *Phew* – at least she didn’t pull a face.  I must admit to being a bit nervous about it.  On top of that one of the section members got wonderful news that she is pregnant so lot’s to celebrate.

Although I have to spend most of my weekdays away from home I am lucky enough to be staying with my daughter and daughter-in-law.  It feels like the ‘other’ home.  Hubby and the two puppies are coming up to celebrate here and we have functions each evening till Christmas Day when we will enjoy meeting up with family.  Boxing Day will be spent at home on the coast as will the next two weeks.  Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate and I can get in the pool each day.

Despite the fact I hate buying the presents and writing the cards (doesn’t everyone?) I’m all for having time to think about others, spend time with family, friends, colleagues and catch up with acquaintances at least one a year.

So Mr Scrooge, pack up your things and get out of my place.  I love the Christmas Season.