New Beginnings

There is a lot of discussion this time of year about resolutions and new beginnings.  But what makes January different from any other month of the year?  The first day of the year is just like any other day – you wake up, sometimes with a slight headache due to a fun ending of the previous year (no different than some Sunday mornings), you relax and think about what the future year might bring.

For me, each day is a new beginning.  A day to learn something new, meet someone new, stretch myself both mentally and physically and become a little better in some way.  It’s what makes me get up in the morning, the idea that something is waiting to happen, even something as small as a hug or a smile or as large as a career change, new relationship or that “Aha” moment that can change your life.

Today for example I read a story in the news that there was more violence in Chechnya.  I thought ‘why the hell are these people fighting … again!’  Thought that was over and done with.  So I Googled Chechnyan history and was gob-smacked at what a sad and violent historyof  this part of the world all the way back to the 1500’s.  They have been overrun so many times at great cost to the populace – they fought off the Huns twice.  They fought the Cossacks, the Turks and the Russians – the latter over the last two hundred years on and off.   Their early history showed them to be fiercely democratic and it seems to be ingrained.

At lunchtime I was reading a short article about Stephen Hawking‘s 70th birthday.  That led me to reading about his fantastic career despite his disability which now only allows him to use a cheek muscle to communicate via his computer.  But he’s still working despite being ill.  And no one expected him to live beyond his 25th year much less provide so much insight into the cosmos.  What an inspiration and person to be admired.

And maybe that’s the thing about new beginnings.  If each day is a new adventure, it is the mind that makes it so.  And the mind can do amazing things including keeping someone as brilliant as Hawking still living and working despite everything.   Something to ponder and be inspired by.   

So what about resolutions at this time of year?  How many times have I made them only to blow them eventually.  I’ve kept some but they are in the minority.  For example I thought about making resolution that I might be able to keep – or then again might not.  That would be to blog at least three times a week.  But like so many things, I blog when inspiration gets me.  I don’t like to blog about my breakfast cereal or how many coffee’s I had today.  I like to say something about what I’m thinking.  While I’m working I’m thinking work.  Do you really want to hear about how I hate writing a data migration strategy and what’s involved? Nah, didn’t think so.

What I have been thinking about recently, as is now patently obvious, is new beginnings.  How many new starts have I had over my lifetime – thousands (or millions if each day is new as I said earlier).  Each time my life has taken an interesting turn something good has come of it.  I’ve had luck everyday of my life – just a bit each day.  I won’t win the lottery and I don’t truly care because a little luck each day translates into so much more that a huge sum of money. 

It translates into a work life I could never have imagined as an 18-year-old.  Then, an electric IBM golf ball typewriter were the epitome of success – now it’s hitting a golf ball straight down the fairway.  In between I’ve had several careers, all interesting and successful, each adding a little extra wealth to the family coffers.  

So bring on the new and interesting and positive – and only remember the old when it taught me a lesson.

Happy New Year – every day to everyone.


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