Living in the Moment

Another week has gone by.  It’s Friday again and I’ve looked forward to it all week.  I just occurred to me I’ve wished away a whole week of my existence.  And if I extrapolate that across my lifetime it turns into years and years of wishing away my life.  Maybe that’s why years start to fly as you get older.  By a focus on Friday, the end of the work week and the rest of the week seems to disappear in busy activity and the only time I seem to enjoy is evenings and weekends – about 1/4th of the week.  

Then the weekend seems to fly by as I try to ignore the coming of Monday.

And for the short period I did have at home and wasn’t working I kept looking forward to things happening tomorrow rather than what I was doing right then.

Buddhist philosophy suggests we should live for the moment, live in the here and now and enjoy every second of it.  I find that hard to do when a lot of work time I’m doing stuff that I ‘can’ do but don’t ‘like’ to do.  I wonder how much my life would improve if I stayed in the moment and enjoyed all of it.

Seems an attitude change is in order.



  1. Nigel · January 24, 2012

    Definitely a change of attitude is required. I cut some timber tonight to make a couple of decorative boxes. Why? Just because I could – it was cathartic and I feel much better for doing what I wanted, when I wanted.

    • Cat Sheely · January 24, 2012

      Ahhh… but was it what you really, really wanted or what you thought you wanted? I said, change the attitude Nigel.

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