A Class Act

I left school in 1967 and since that time went to two reunions.  One in the early 1970’s at the old Trocadero in Sydney and one in 1988 when our school closed.  The school was initially a Marist Brothers school and when they moved to Darlinghurst the Sisters of Mercy came and made it a girls school.  It was situated in the Rocks in Sydney.  It’s footprint is now occupied by a high rise office building, the land to valuable for an ageing school.

After 45 years it has been very interesting to catch up with school mates via the group on Facebook.  I remember my high school years fondly and yes, I know hindsight blurs the bad memories and highlights the good.  But truthfully, I don’t really remember anything bad with the exception of my grades and the annual comment “Cathy needs to try harder and do her homework.”  But I was bored with everything except English and History.  Oh and I did love choir and elocution.  And yes, I loved to write even then.  The other comments from school reports were “Cathy has a vivid imagination” but it was normally meant in a derogatory sense.  I think it was because I was always ready with an excuse *chuckle*.

There are often stories and movies about the terrible things that happen at reunions.  But I think this one will be different.  I was never popular at school and, with the exception of a few close friends, I suspect not too many people remember me.  I do however, remember many of them, especially now that a few delightful photo’s are turning up online.  I think this reunion will be about joint memories of school and meeting the people we all turned into.  I am so excited about that.

And then of course there is the catch-up with those few close friends.  My closest pal in those days will be there.  We lost contact nearly 30 years ago as I had moved away from Sydney.  And I am going with another friend who is now my closest and dearest friend and has been for 48 years.  She was matron of honour at my wedding.  And then there is the story of another school  mate who ended up living in the same city as I did fifteen years on.  We met the day our eldest children began pre-school and it was then we became good friends.  We again lost contact some ten years ago when she left to warmer climes. Now we are in touch again.

What really impresses me is the perseverance and dedication of one person to get this thing off the ground.  She has worked untiringly to find our class mates.  It’s an impressive task as many of us have moved around this big country of ours.  A vision brought to life that will benefit so many.  She deserves a medal even before it occurs for all the work she has done.

The closer it get’s the more excited I get.  We will meet in part as strangers.  We have all changed and life has most likely given us all kicks and rewards that have left a mark. I think this reunion is likely to leave big smiles on our faces and new friends from old school mates.