It’s been a while

Isn’t it amazing how days can just slip away.  Here it is heading toward the end of March and it was only mid-January yesterday.  I made myself a promise that I would blog at least one a week and it’s been three weeks. 

It’s been a fun three weeks.  Work has been exciting as we are implementing a new learning management system and, to my delight, a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product that lives up to its hype – LearnFlex.  Produced by a Canadian company and sold through B Online  I have to say I’m impressed that it is a fully fledged system that manages an organisations whole learning process from eLearning through face-to-face internal and external, blended learning and can even provide event management.  The vendor has been easy to work with and after five months I’m still a happy camper.

While all this has been going on I’ve been writing a new short story which was critiqued by members of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild and now I have a much improved story.  A few more iterations and I will send the baby out to see if anyone wants to publish it.

Then there is the number of babies that have arrived in the world with friend and relatives becoming parents and grandparents. 

None of this is an excuse for not blogging.  I’ve thought of a dozen topics but then lost track of them, wanted to blog about politics but just became bored with the whole idea.  So today I though I would just write something about what I’ve been up to and leave it at that.

I will say that I’ve really gotten used to my eReader.  I have a Sony and currently have twenty-eight books in my bag – something which would have taken a suitcase in the past.  Most of those are marked ‘to read’.

Also I’ve just finished reading The Hunger Games and am into the second in the series.  It’s well written and one of those page turners that keep you up well after bedtime.  I checked out Suzanne Collins and found she has a great deal of experience writing for young adults in television so it’s no surprise this is a good series.

Also a writing acquaintance Alan Baxter  has just released his novelette “The Darkest Shade of Grey”.  It’s a dark but very interesting piece and can be bought at Smashwords for $1.99.  Well worth a read.

So that’s about it for me.  Won’t be so long in future *see Cat cross her fingers*.