Post Easter Blues

Easter has come and gone for 2012.  In the past I used to find Easter a time for thought about life, death and resurrection.  It has been some years since I last joined in the religious festivities of this time of year.  My faith has been replaced by a more scientific view of the universe. 

I have friends who still have a solid faith.  Many celebrate Easter in the Catholic tradition and some in the Jewish tradition of Passover.  It is wonderful to hold with such deep traditions and maintain belief despite all that is in the world to argue against it.

I have been very lucky to have had a wonderful Easter.  Despite the fact that a migrane interrupted the Friday festivities, it was a brilliant weekend with my whole family around me.  Add to that perfect weather, warm enough for a swim each day, it couldn’t have been more pleasant. 

Unfortunately, way too short.  My health has made it time to really consider never ever going back to work again. 

Oh the money is nice, and my current job is fantastic as jobs go.  The people here are warm and sharing, how many places and jobs can you say that about.  The work itself it interesting and overall it’s a 9 out of 10 workplace.  The problem is the keyboard.  Yep, the very same instrument of torture I’m writing this on.

I’ve been a typist since 1967.  The old typewriters, the clunkers I used to call them, required quite a bit of pressure to get the key to hit the paper.The first typewrite I ever used.  You sat on bad chairs with absolutely no ergonomic saving graces, you pounded the things, reached around for paper, thunked the return handle when you got to the end of a line, stood up and moved around.  You could only type so fast because it was a mechanical thing that had built-in limitations.

Then along came the electronic keyboard.  I have nible fingers, play (or used to) a guitar and so I took to the thing like a duck to water.  Flying along I can get about 90 to 100 words a minute.   I do numbers and don’t have to think about all the extra’s like & and * and ) etc.  Have them down pat . But after all these years hunched over the dratted thing my neck is complaining….. loudly.  Ouch! it says whenever I spend more than 20 minutes typing away.

Now when you think that as an IT project manager I spend a lot of time doing up documents, playing with programs and doing budgets, then I am a writer and love to make up stories, I do these posts and, when bored, I play casual computer games, I am in a bit of a quandry. 

Keyboard, keyboard and, you guessed it, keyboard.  Even now my poor right arm is suggesting it’s time to give up.  But no, I have something to say so on I go.  OK, I will get up and stretch here for a minute……..

I’m back.  I have been thinking about obtaining and training some dictation software.  But I have a writing aquaintance who has been going down that track.  Her input has been useful.   Donna suggests the it is important to get some professional training as well as a good program.  Then it takes quite a while to get used to using it.  She says it’s OK for emails and SMS but for actual writing it is a whole new ballpark.  You should read her posts if you are interested in this type of software.  It is eye-opening.

Even Terry Pratchett uses dictation software now.  I bet though, ten fingers on the keyboard is still a better way until computers are more advanced.

So I guess I am going to have to slow down typing (as if..) or put up with a bad neck, sore arm and migranes over Easter/other holidays/weekends. *sigh*.  Just as well I have a great husband, loving kids, their delightful partners and great in-laws who totally understand and then party on without me.

I will keep an eye on Donna Maree Hanson’s posts and rest my poor neck and arms when I can and keep my chiropracter in business for a few more years.

I hope you had a good Easter too, enjoyed enough of the chocolate as you needed/wanted and spent time with your nearest and dearest.