I’m still Alive

I haven’t died, I’m not in an insane asylum (I think….).  But the world has gone crazy at work.  That means the thought of spending some quality time thinking about writing, the world, the universe and everything when I get home is the last thing on my mind.

I love IT in most of it’s forms but when it comes to infrastructure and loading stuff onto different systems it’s a nightmare (and I just can’t wake up right now). It is not anyone’s fault.  Tt’s more like each organisation’s infrastructure grows like a child, in fits and starts, finding new stuff to add into their systems from all over the place.  You end up with no idea how it will turn out, no instruction book and the people who are its parents (the IT guys), seem to run it by the seat of their pants.  Just like any parent really.

So my short rant and the few of you who do me the honour of reading my blog will have to wait a while until something interesting happens here.

By the way, in terms of writing stuff and cool horror stories etc, visit Ian McHugh.  It’s pretty neat.