Special Days and Sharing Them.

Mother’s Day has always been a funny day of the year for me.  My second Mother’s Day was spent, hugely pregnant with my son, walking around a car show in the hope that it would bring on labor.  He did manage to arrive 48 hours later.  Of course that means every Mother’s Day it is also the weekend of his birthday and every seven years I have to share the day with him.  OK, that shouldn’t be a problem, but I feel just a tiny bit cheated. A week earlier or later and I could have it all to myself.  And then of course I slap myself and remember that if it wasn’t for him and his sister, I couldn’t celebrate the day at all. 

When I was small and still living in Holland my birthday was two days after St Nicholas’ Feastday early in December and traditionally this was when the Dutch gave presents, not on Christmas Day.  I always got lovely presents, but only once a year.  A kid doens’t look a quality but quantity.  So no special birthday.  Arrival in Australia meant that I could actually have a birthday all to myself and have a party that was mine.  Bonus!

So this Mother’s Day I had had to share it with another mother.  Now she has one delightful toddler at two years and three months, and eight month old twins.  So sharing Mother’s Day took on a whole new meaning.  And so did the idea of sharing birthdays. 

OK, I admit that as an only child sharing was something I had to learn, sharing gracefully has taken me much, much longer to learn but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it.  Twins really don’t get a choice, and I suspect it really depends on their parents as to how special to make it for each child.  I suspect this Mum and her delightful husband will make a huge effort.  Even tired as they are they make each of their children feel special.

And gave this only child learn a lesson in selflessness. 

So I had a great Mother’s Day this year. I got a lovely chocolate rose from hubby along with breakfast in bed,  my son SMS’s me first thing in the morning, I had a delightful chat with daughter after lunch and I got to share it with a truly super Mum and Dad and their delightful kids. 

What more could anyone want!