Life and Writing


It’s been a wonderful month in which the most celebrated occurrence was the birth of our granddaughter, Ashlyn.  She arrived in record time (just on 2 hours), Mum and baby  headed home the same day.  As of yesterday the little tike born at 2.7kg topped 4 kg so she is thriving.

The best part was that her Pop and I were able to spend the first three weeks helping Mum.  We got to change nappies, hug baby a lot, burp and even feed occasionally.  It reminded me of when my two were little but this time it was a more relaxed experience as Mum was the one to do the night feeds.  All Pop and I had to do was let Mum have a long sleep-in in the mornings while we took care of baby.  Such a hard life …. not!

Unfortunately, life then suggested we get back to normal and head home.  I admit to missing Ashlyn just a bit and can’t wait till we see her again (in a week or three).

As for writing.  It’s also been very interesting.  I worked with a friend of mine to get a story ready for submission.  I’ve collaborated only once for the Write-A-Book-In-A-Day with the CSfGers in July.  That particular collaboration is in the top three for the Open category.  The book can be found here.  This time it was just Louise and me.  I could not come up with a storyline for the theme and at the fundraiser for the Moruya Hospital Auxiliary, a great trivia night in which we came second again, she suggested a theme.  So I said ‘why don’t we write it together.’  She agreed.

I thought the story came out well.  I’m not 100% sure that it will get in as it may not entirely be what the publisher wanted.  But the whole experience of working with someone and melding to styles into one whole was fun.  If it is not picked up for the anthology we wrote it for I am going to submit it to several online specfic publications as I think it’s a good story.  So … fingers crossed.

Of course, these are the reasons I’ve not blogged for all these weeks.  Life has taken over from blogging.  Luckily it has not taken over writing *phew*.

So it’s time to get back to some serious writing and a few new short stories in between visiting children and grandchildren.  Ain’t life grand!