Writing and Discipline

OK.  I have a lot of ideas for stories.  Over the years my writing has improved.  I’ve had help in this area of course, so now when I write I feel a bit more confident.  The hard part is actually sitting down and doing it.  Every day I get ideas for new stories – I even have an idea for a novel beside a huge manuscript (220k words) that needs a lot of work.  The stories live in my head.  That is really not all that useful if I want to tell the darned story.  So I have to get my rear end in the chair and front up to the keyboard and begin.

But……  There is the delightful job of being an Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM) slush reader, checking out Facebook, doing my emails and following posts from Gillian Polack, Kaaren Warren, Alan Baxter and of course keeping up with family and so on.  Then around 10ish, hubby likes to have a nice coffee at a nearby coffee shop so out we go.  OK, procrastination – I get it.

Now there is an opportunity at Conflux 9 next year to put in a proposal to pitch a novel. The manuscript has to be fully ready.  Three months (end of Jan 13) do edit my novel.  Plenty of time you’d think.  Getting me in the seat is still a problem.

I think it has to do with being uncertain – that my story is good, that I’m really OK at writing and on it goes.  The dumb part is that I know the only way to improve, find out if stuff is OK is to keep doing it.

So, I’m going to bite the bullet, sign up with National November Writers Month and get this darned manuscript into some form so I can enter the competition.

Come on all, chant ‘Write, Cat, Write’ and see if it helps.