Over the past year I have found myself reading more and more ebooks.  There are several  reason for this.  The first is cost – they are cheaper than hard copies of new titles.  With Project Guttenberg and eBooks@Adelaide there is a whole national library full of classics all for free.  Secondly, I can travel with a whole library in my handbag.  A third reason I’ve become enamoured of ebooks and that is that I’ve run out of room for all my hard copy books *sigh*.

I’ve found myself reading sci-fi and fantasy classics – some I didn’t even know were classics until I went looking online when I found what seemed an interesting book and found it to be one.  One example is the Enders Game series by Orson Scott Card which I’m currently thoroughly enjoying.

I do wish that obtaining ebooks on an eReader was easier.  I have a Sony eReader and I love it.  Like all such things it has a lot of extra functionality that I don’t use.  It did take me some time to work out how to download and get DRM-free eBooks. Without Calibre eBook Management it would be almost impossible, so well done to the developers of that program. I don’t know how people who are not computer savvy go with these things.  I suppose if you have a Kindle you can simply use Amazon but I notice the prices for new releases creeping up.  There was one occasion recently when the eBook was more expensive than a mass-market paperback version – by about $6.00.

I read somewhere that there was a move to move to one format for eBooks but while there is money to be made with specific eReaders that is not likely to happen quickly.

eBooks are here to stay.  I notice that many publishing houses are now working on-line and providing ebooks as an option.  I just wonder if authors will be as well remunerated for ebooks.