Here I Go!

Yesterday, I sat down and rewrite Chapter 1 of my novel.  This morning I woke up at 5.30am and though “Sh#t!  I know how I should have done it better. I should put this there and then when I get to that bit…..”  So this morning it’s back to Chapter 1 and another go over.  But now that I’ve got that under my belt I think I have an excellent way forward for the rest of my book.

I find it amazing how the brain works.  Yep.  I have a degree in Psychology yet the way the brain works amazes me.  You work hard for nearly 5 hours and you look at what you’ve done and say “OK, it’s good”.  Then you do other stuff and go to bed.  During the night the brain goes on a sort of ‘standby’ you think.  Yet it does a background program review and then, BANG!, there is just what you’ve been reaching for and you realise “OK,” and “good” were actually not so OK and good.

It’s a bit like the actual story lines.  I sit down at the computer and a blank Scrivener document.  My fingers sit on the keyboard and then I begin to type and the story just seems to come from nowhere out the end of my fingers and onto the screen.  Yes, I have to sometimes stop and decide where it goes, especially if there are several options.  But when I get going it seems to come from that back part of my brain.

It’s funny, because I always got caught up in the stuff I was taught at school – you had to plan an essay or story and then, when it was clear, write it.  I guess there are many writers who do it that way.  What eventually set me free from all the supposed ways of doing creative writing was Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’.  He simply said ‘just do it’.  Seems to work for me.  OK, it was also a memoir but it was interesting none the less.  I guess we all need to find our path in different ways and this was my ‘aha’ moment.

So, two posts in two days and now another day of serious rewriting.

I’m feeling good.


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