Writing and critiquing

The last month has been busy with writing – well all things writing I should say.  I’ve had fun with our small but very productive critiquing group from Eurobodalla Writers.  Ross has absolutely_fabulous_001been writing a wonderful story that probably goes into the ‘horror’ genre.  Rosie has been trying different styles and techniques and I’ve been writing a sci-fi story that I’m still not sure where it’s going.  It’s been fun reading other people’s work and discussing various issues about style, plots, characters and dialogue.

I’ve also been trying to organise the fundraising for the Eurobodalla Writers next anthology.  That’s been a bit of a trial really.  Not that it’s anyone’s fault but trying to line up the bank accounts, PayPal and getting on board with Pozible – the crowd sourcing website, has proven to be difficult.  All of them require exactly the same information or it won’t work but when the old bank accounts don’t have the correct name or even one that identifies us as Eurobodalla writers, then things get silly from there.  I’m so sick of the paperwork, the amount of times I’ve had to get the Committee to sign different forms and so on, that last week I almost gave up.  But then, of course, I got stubborn.  I will not let this defeat me.  It has meant that out fundraising will start next Woman-pulling-out-hair2February as I cannot see anyone helping out before Christmas.  It also means our anthology won’t be published until later 2014.  Still, it’s our 20th anniversary so it will get done.  Yes it will, it will, it will.

So now we are about to open the submission period for the new anthology.  Of course, we decided it would be anonymous and we would get slush readers.  If I am going to put my name to an anthology as editor I want it to be the best it can.  There is a slight problem in that not all of our members are online, some don’t even have computers or type out their stories.  I am hoping, and believe there are, some generous members who will assist our non-technical members with this.

Amongst all that I’ve finally gotten around to editing my novel manuscript.  And as I started writing this before I really learned anything about creative writing, I find myself doing quite a bit of rewriting.  The initial draft is all about telling and so the story, which I still like, is not changing much, but the way I’m doing it is.  We have a monthly crit group whose members are all writing novels.  It’s really nice to see different writers, some of them just starting out and some already published, come together and work in this way.  It’s very illuminating and I hope working for all of us to make us better writers. So, now that I’ve finally gotten to blog again I guess I will need to get back to my editing.