Writing yourself into a corner

OK, I’ve finally managed to do it – write myself into a story corner.  My normal process is to begin a story with an idea or theme I want to explore.  Often it starts with a character and a place and then the theme is set there.  For our monthly daytime critique group I started a story called “Mirage”.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it but my little group did – phew. So 4,000 words as a start with interest in where it was going.  ‘Good’ I thought.  So now to continue on with the story.  I liked my character and the setting and so did the crit group.

Last week I sat down and did just that, kept on writing the story.  But it somehow didn’t go where I expected.  My muse took it into a different realm altogether.  And now, although I sort of like what I’ve done, I’m not sure where to go from here.  And I’ve taken the story away from the original setting which is what everyone liked, including me. I’m trying to decide if I take up the story again from where I left off the first time and try something different.  Argh!

OK, so I have to muscle up and go again.  Or do I?  Do I stay with the muse and carry on with what I’ve got?  I have absolutely no idea.  Anyone have any ideas?



  1. J. Milburn · September 12, 2013

    My vote would be to stay with your muse and carry on. Just because you can’t see where it all goes yet doesn’t mean you never will. It might even turn out better than you originally planned. Especially since it sounds like you aren’t trying to shoehorn your characters into doing something they don’t want to do. Good luck!

    • Cat Sheely · September 12, 2013

      Thanks. It seems my characters always have a mind of their own. And you’re right, that might be a good thing.

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