It’s Almost Christmas – Again!

Oh my, but I cannot believe another year has rushed past and it is a few weeks to Christmas 2013.  I knew everyone says it, but the year has really flown by.  Going backward, I’ve just finished the NaNoWriMo – I managed 60,000 words on a new novel.  So only another 25,000 or so to finish the first draft.  On top of that we’ve travelled just over 5,500 kilometres since mid-September.  We visited children and grand-children several times each, went to Phillip Island for the Motorcycle GP, I enjoyed a wonderful time in Sydney with my close and dear friend whom I met at school and enjoyed a High Tea at the Sir Stamford – very posh.  And all of that in my new Mazda 3 – she’s a real beauty, not just to drive but to look at too – red with a black interior.

So that was just the past three months.  The ones before included lots of fun and writing with the Eurobodalla FAW evening group that we set up in March/April.  We have some wonderful writers including Marisol Dunham and Cassandra Webb.  The little group has been growing and we now have 7 delightful members all writing books. I’m webmistress for the Eurobodalla FAW website as well and setting that up was fun.

Add to all this the Write a Book in A Day with the CSFG, the 24 hour story challenge that I managed to write a whole story for and the workshop with Ian McHugh last month and it’s been a busy time.

I’m the editor of the 2014 Eurobodalla FAW 20th anniversary anthology ‘Mutable States’ and we’ve already had 11 submissions that are currently with the slush-readers, so I see that next year is going to start with a bang.

I’m looking forward to having the family at Broulee this Christmas/New year.  With two additions to the family the house will be noisy and fun.

If you’re interested in a great Christmas poem, go over to the Eurobodalla FAW site where Maxine McIlveney has allowed us to reproduce a pearler of a Christmas tale called “The Chimney Job”.

As for me, I’m back to my novel.  I’ve decided that 25k words for December is my target and I’m already falling behind.  Maybe one day in the future I’ll be sprouting that the thing is done and being published – I wish (fingers crossed).

And yes, this is all an excuse for not having been a very good blogger. But then, life has overtaken my blogging and I’m not altogether sorry about that 🙂


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