To Bah Humbug OR Not to Bah Humbug

bah-humbug-catSo here we are and it’s just over a week to Christmas Day.  I’ve not done all the housework, I’ve not done my Christmas Cards and I’m not sure about 2 Christmas presents I still need to buy.  So I’m thinking stress is happening here. Bah Humbug.

On the other hand we hosted the street Christmas Party last Sunday and, despite all the work, it was heaps of fun.  I love my neighbours and their wonderful kids.  We played the traditional street cricket and had games which hubby spent a week working up – lots of small presents to the winners (and all the kids got something).  So Not Bah Humbug.

I’ve not done any writing this month because I’ve been too busy (Bah Humbug), I’ve had lots of fun with my family (Not Bah Humbug) and so you can see that I’m still on the fence about Christmas.  Overall, I mostly feel in the Bah Humbug camp.  It’s an expensive time of year, even if we only buy presses for the kids and these days I’m not even sure what to buy the littlest ones – they already have everything they need/want.

There are some  delightful things about the Christmas period.  I get to have my whole family around me for more than a quick weekend visit from one or other family – I love that bit. Oh, and the Christmas Eve tradition with my delightful vegetarian friend who always cooks a pork roast for it – and it always tastes delicious. We’ve been doing that for quite a few years and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it. And then, we’ve got a few more additions to the Christmas Eve family which is absolutely the best thing ever.

Hmmm.  OK, I’ve decided…. NOT Bah Humbug despite all the hassle.

by Cat Sheely

Thank heavens it comes but once a year
Couldn’t cope with it more often,
I have to get my tush in gear
Or it might end up a rough ‘n.

Presents left to buy, money running out,
Ideas are in a muddle.
I get it  wrong it’s all for nought,
My tears will make a puddle.

But then, I think of family dear,
I love them ever more.
I’ll do my best despite the fear,
To bring presents to their door.

And if it’s wrong, oh well I say,
I did my very best.
I love you all in the nicest way,
And after Christmas; a good rest.




  1. · December 17, 2013

    My lady Cat

    Careful about the bah humbug…I will have to start calling you Gary!!! 🙂

    See you in a couple of weeks.

    Love to you and Michael and have a wonderfuly Christmas…new and old traditions 🙂


    • Cat Sheely · December 17, 2013

      Tee Hee. Well, I came out the side of NOT BH, so…

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