CHRISTMAS GREETINGS …in all shapes and formats


This year has been more interesting than usual in terms of the Christmas Card.  In the past I used to send out up to 60 cards each Christmas to friends and family.  It was always a chore but one worth doing.  And in return we usually got almost as many cards with wonderful greetings.

But things have changed. Now I send out maybe 25 cards that go to older family and very close friends because I add a ‘Christmas Letter’ that gives a potted history of what the family has been up to for the past year.  This has become quite the thing to do as I normally get about 7 or 8 of these in return.  I love hearing about our friends and their families and sometimes they include interesting photo’s as well.  Our older relatives tend to hand write their letter on the Christmas Cards.  I wonder how many of us actually write anything more than a quick greeting anymore?  Not many I’m guessing.

And then there are the 15 or so emails that include a short message and our Christmas Letter. A few of these go overseas and they are much quicker and more sure than the now expensive snail mail version.  Finally there are the few that are animated eCards and animated videos (JibJab etc).  I have to blame my daughter for getting me into JibJab as she was the first to send one to friends and family several years back. They are fun to make and fun to receive (but hard to put up with the other Cards and letters).

This year has been surprising in that one of my older friends has sent me an animated Christmas Card. It reminds me that no matter what age, there is always the possibility of mental flexibility to remain up-t0-date with technology.  I hope I’m that cool at 80+.

So like everything else, the Christmas Greeting is changing fast, becoming technologically sophisticated and yet still it means that we are thinking of our relatives and friends and wish them well for the festive season and for the coming year.

As an aside, isn’t it funny that here in Australia we still often send Christmas Cards that show a winter scene when Australian Christmas cards abound.  Anyway, as I started out with an Aussie picture, so –

 I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014