New Qualification

Well, I did it.  I completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  Phew!  I admit I enjoyed doing it.  That probably had to do with the facilitator, Erin Riley from Wisdom Learning who, without a doubt, knew her stuff and was able to communicate it clearly while we were doing hard things and making it seem like fun.  And this time I didn’t have the pressure of a job to hassle with.  When I did my undergrad, I had a husband, new house and two kids under two as well as working part-time and studying full time.  It was, to say the least, hectic.  When I did my Grad Dip Psych, I was working in a senior position in Defence.  My Dip PM luckily was a case of getting documentation together to allow Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) yet even that took several intense weeks.  So getting time to digest the information, sit back and re-read notes and manuals and then doing the work was shear luxury. I wish I had realised that when I was a school kid *sigh*.  Still, can’t put old head on young shoulders as the adage goes.

One of the most interesting topics of this course was that of Adult Learning.  Although I had covered this in my Psych degree from a purely brain function/dysfunction point of view, I found the practical side of using the information and models much more compelling.  And of course, realised why I loved the way Erin facilitated the course. Crossword puzzles for review that tested key words from the previous sessions made ‘wracking one’s brain’ to go back a week to remember stuff a fun activity. She used minimal overheads and even when she did have them, she spoke to the topic so well I didn’t even read them.  The course was structured so we learned, practiced, built more learning, practiced and learned some more.  It certainly worked for me.

Now I just have to ‘do’ it myself when I do my first professional presentations i.e the ones I will get paid to do.  Fingers crossed…challenge-accepted.jpg.pagespeed.ce.9QPX0E4mDu