Busy, busy, busy!

Between a nice part time job, writing, having friends visit with their kids, enjoying my daughter and her lovely kids visiting and being a member of the Conflux organising committee, my life has taken on a chaotic aspect. So then, of course, I get a lousy head cold that turns into a chest infection.

It makes me wonder what the Universe is trying to tell me. The last few times I have become very busy, much in the same way as now, I tend to pick up some deliciously nasty virus or another. But slowing down is not an option I want to take.

I love having people in and around my house. Having said that a day or two in between to clean up and regather is nice too. I love my current IT project – I’m learning a whole lot about managing a Scaled Agile Framework and it’s much better than I thought.

Added to all that, Conflux is coming up in less than 3 weeks so it’s worrying about how we’ll pay for everything because that’s my job, Treasurer. Still, it’s a worthwhile conference that allows me to meet like-minded people and some successful people too. Very motivating.

I guess it comes down to not being able to do everything. Mostly I’m P’d off because I think it may have something to do with getting older and not being 25 anymore. When did that happen????

So I’m not standing for Conflux Committee again :-(. After a little over 3 years, something had to give. And, in truth, I will be able to come to the next Conflux as a member and just enjoy all the workshops and presentations. But I will miss all the other wonderful and hard working Committee members. Karen who holds it all together each year, Leife who is programmer extraodinaire, David with his wonderful calming air, and Alistair, Adam and Maddy with their enthusiasm and great ideas.

Finally, I’m trying to publicise the Guinness Book of Records attempt for the Greatest Anthology Written (see previous post). Not something I’m good at yet need to do. Contacting local papers and other promotions is not in my bag of tricks … yet.

And there is the novella I’m editing for our local writing group which is close to finalisation. Then to set up and publish on Smashwords.

And then family arrive and all is good.

Yep, busy…busy. So I guess the viruses are just going to come and I will survive. Achoo!! Cough! Cough!.