Happy Holiday Season

To all my few readers (chuckle), I wish you a happy holiday, however you do, or do not, commemorate this time of the year.

I grew up a Catholic although these days am no longer a practising one. I’m much more inclined to the Buddhist philosophies. Also there are many belief systems throughout this world of ours and by far, the majority of their adherents believe in kindness to others. Only the fanatics, those who are unwilling to let others believe as they must, cause the havoc in our world. In fact, I sometimes think politicians who stick to party dogma fall into the latter category also.

Therefore, I like the idea that we celebrate something at the winter/summer solstice to bring us together with families and friends. It doesn’t matter what we call it or what the basis of belief that started the holiday (it was initially a pagan celebration in many parts of the world), we should look at the good in the world and rejoice in that.

So again, Happy Holidays and I wish you the very best that 2018 can bring you.