Published Fiction:

Editor, ‘Murder on the First,’ Secret Society of Words, 2017, soon to be available on Smashwords.

‘Instinct,’ Greatest Anthology Written, CEA Publications, 2017 – Guinness Book of Records Attempt

Co-Editor with Debbie Richardson, “Alien Zoo,” Secret Society of Words, 2016, available on Smashwords.

‘Blissful Symbiosis,’ Flights of Fancy, EFAW, 2015

‘Great Hobbies’, Flights of Fancy, EFAW, 2015

‘A Vain Hope’, Micro Fiction, CSfG Website 2012

‘Dragonfly’, Winds of Change, ed. Elizabeth Fitsgerald, CSFG 2011 – available after 30 September 2011.

‘Growing Old’, Writers Voice, Summer Edition #230, Dec 2010

‘Hobnails in Heaven’, Masques, eds. Gillian Polack and Scott Hopkins, CSFG, 2009

To purchase the anthologies in which my short stories are published visit the following website:  Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild

Professional publications:

‘Creating and eco office’, Catharina Sheely & Darren Phillips, DAS, 1992

‘Settling disputes efficiently’, Sid Spindler & Catharina Sheely, HR Monthly, July 2000


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